Thursday, October 29, 2015

This week was pretty good it's hard to recollect everything that has gone on though. My new companion is Elder Ivory. I still have elder Romero as my trainer, Elder Warren went home due to back issues but he will be back in about 2 months.
Kaisen's family is doing great! We haven't seen them recently but they are really excited to keep reading the Book of Mormon and test it out to feel the peace. They want to know our first names so I told them that each visit that we make they can have a few guesses and if they don't get it right by the fourth lesson then I'll just tell them. By that time we should be onto the commandments and they'll be used to calling me Elder Salter anyway haha!
The mom wants to be baptized and have her son baptized too so she's super open to learning more and so we are super excited to teach her how she can know what we teach is true. I am excited to get to know them more and really work with them to help them make the right choices.
As far as self reliance goes, it is extremely important. A big thing that I've learned is that self reliance keeps you safe. We have been teaching a lot about the law of chastity for role plays because we never really teach it to people. The biggest thing I've learned from that is that a huge blessing is self mastery. In that you can have such self control to control desires of your body and in essence control any thoughts that you feel are weighing you down. That is really what the word of wisdom and the law of chastity are there for. It may always be a challenge  for people but that is how we grow. Gaining self control requires self reliance. I'll try to think of more but I know that it is so important to be self reliant because otherwise you're always dependent on others. Self reliance will help you're family in success I see so much, families that can't support each other because everyone else is used to being able to have a "fall back" It is extremely important to be able to support yourself before you support others. That may not make a lot of sense but I have been sporting it up for the past 4 hours...
My ponderize scripture for this week is alma 60: 7-8 I can't remember it but it talks about being dependable rather than dependent.
I love you all and I hope you are all being blessed for my service and I love you so much. 
Also! One more thing with self reliance. The greatest thing is to always trust in the Lord and know that you're not alone. The Lord will provide as long as you are trying to be obedient and worthy. His Holy Spirit will guide you in all you do. I know this to be true and I had an experience last pday, I thought I was going to waste time by biking for 30 minutes to someone who wouldn't be home... Then they weren't home... I was super mad and thought it was myself. It was 8:15 and would've taken 30 minutes to bike home. On the way home, I had an impression to visit a lady that had been really flaky all other times. We decided to see her and we learned that she had been reading! She was super excited to learn more about resurrection and we were able to clear up a hole bunch with her. I know that the Lord will always help us to be self reliant.
I love you all and I love hearing from you. Ali! I'm sorry I'll try to get some mail mailed with a letter for you and the family this week or the next I didn't have enough time to email everyone but I love you and you're the best sister I could ask for!
Love Elder Salter

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