Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey Sam

Hey Sam! Way to go. I have not tried that yet, crocodile, but I have tried a bunch
of new foods. I don't know if I like eggs or not. I hate them
scrambled, but I'm not sure if I like them sunny side up or over easy.
They taste strange and I don't know how to make them taste better. My
mission is going pretty well! I met some awesome people. One person is
named Daquan.  He is awesome and wants to be baptized now! We also met
some awesome people named Evan and Victoria. We are really good
friends and they want to learn more about what we believe. I just
watched the primary program twice in two wards. I was thinking of you
and how awesome it would be to talk to you and see you in the program.
What's your favorite song you're singing? My favorite song you might
sing is "we'll bring the world his truth" or "we are as the army of
helaman" they're the same songs but they are named differently I
think. I love the brain teaser dude! Hopefully you're holding up okay
and if you ever need help or advice from me just send me an email! I
love you so much Sam! I'm reading about the stripling warriors right
now in alma chapter 53 and onward and it's one of my favorite Book of
Mormon stories. Love elder salter

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