Friday, October 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Elder Salter

I can't believe that nick is home! That is so crazy!
I appreciate letting me know about his talk! Send me his email, or
have him email me so I can send him some emails as well and talk to
him about his service in the mission!  
Thanks of the shoes! Sorry for opening it early, we were playing a lot of sports
today and I need them haha! I love them too thanks so much! I got the
cinnamon rolls! They're delicious, I gave some to the APs and to my
companion! They said that they are super delicious! And
also I haven't opened anything else, just the shoes and cinnamon
This week still has gone by so
fast! But we have done service like 4 of the 7 days of the week! It
has gone so fast. All I can really remember is that service which was
super fun! And we had a trade off so it was me and elder warren, with
another elder from our district. We made a video of us singing a song
that was awesome and we then made a video that night! I'll send it to
you when I get the chance!
Something that was amazing this week was that we were tracting in
elder warrens area and we weren't getting anywhere. We were about to
give up when we found a group off drinking beer and smoking out
front and we almost didn't approach them but we decided to try them
and leave. We ended up talking to an awesome guy named Dalton. He
basically asked us when we could come back for another visit! He is so
ready for baptism. He just has a few complications and so we probably
won't see him be baptized...
This week has gone by so fast and it's so hard to remember everything
that's going on! And sorry I have pday today and my emails didn't send
on time so that's why haha! I loved hearing about dads experience
biking! That was awesome! I met a brother who is brother Christopher,
he loves biking and I was talking to him yesterday about how he loves
climbing as well.
Love at first sight!
Gotcha forever!!!

Always ready to go
I can get it!


So happy together!

Nothing keeps him down
Eagle Scout

NYC in style

His Dad said, "Just get over it!" Go getter Spencer!
Our handsome happy missionary -Proud!!

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