Friday, October 2, 2015


Oh man, this week went by so fast! I feel like there is not enough time in the day! Although the days are long but the weeks are short! It's ridiculous!

This week it's hard to remember everything that has happened because it's been such a blur. We have so much going on and we had to cover a few areas. But we had 3 commitments to baptism in October. We're going to try to get four baptisms in October! It's super exciting.

One of the most frustrating things on a mission is sometimes you don't know when you have the spirit because you're accustomed to it, but as soon as you make a tiny error or something as simple as a rude judgement, you can feel the spirit withdrawing from you. You are able to notice so much more when it is gone from you then when you have it.

The spirit truly guides us. However when we pray, we ask for the gift of discernment almost daily, and so with that gift, God sometimes takes a step back and he will allow us to make the decision for ourselves because he trusts our judgement. Elder Romero and I were debating weather to go help someone move or to continue tracting and so we prayed about it and didn't get an answer but we didn't have any thoughts come to mind of who we should see so we went to do service with a message prepared. We ended up getting to the new families house that was just moving in and they had just started unpacking with the AP's so we got there just in time to help out and it only took us about 30 minutes to get everything unpacked and situated In the new apartment. They thanked us thoroughly and we were able to have some delicious pizza with the Hardy family and brother hardy's sister. They thanked us so much and said that they really needed the help. Elder Romero didn't want to do the service at first because he wanted to do tracting or something but I told him we would share a message with them for like 10 minutes if they were done. They were far from done and really in need of our help. It was a little testimony of having the gift of discernment.

The week has been such a blur, it went by so fast. Earlier that same morning though we did about 4 hours of service and got to go to a sea food place, when we had finished and I tried a new type of sandwich but I had to take a few things off haha. We had a wonderful time doing service and we had such a fantastic experience meeting people. But this week really feels like all I can remember is last pday, weekly planning, service, and this pday. Everything else is just gone. I'm sorry but I don't have any more real interesting stories :P.

So this pday, we went over to a members house with the sister missionaries and the AP's and ysa elders and we had lunch then went to go play laser tag and mini golf! It was super fun but the sisters are super good at laser tag! They always somehow beat us by about 1000 points... Hut we all kept getting super competitive and had such a great time haha. Then we played mini golf and I won :P it was pretty fun but super easy. Then we went back to laser tag and played a mode called vampire where it lasts for 7 minutes and one player starts as a vampire. When you shoot him he is only disabled for 5 seconds. Humans have 3 lives and when they die, they turn into vampires and try to infect the other humans. Other people still alive basically have to not die for 7 minutes. I lived both times we played it because I found an awesome spot that no one knew where I was and it was super awesome! Elder warren and I were they only 2 people that never got out, it was super fun!

Unfortunately we came out of the place and someone had hit the AP's car and we had to grab the manager to get the cameras and an officer to get a police report about it. We had got that done and we had some awesome pizza called Als pizza, it was super delicious but it was pretty expensive.

I can't believe how fast this time is going by. I feel like I've been out maybe 2 weeks, maybe :P

I love you all and I'll try to give y'all more information next pday it's so extremely hard to remember everything because the weeks are such a blur... Anyway, I love you all so much!

There are some shoes called addidas 0's and size 10 should be good I believe. That would be super awesome if I could get those, I asked elder warren since he is a track athlete but those would be awesome. I hope that everything is going well and everyone is safe! Send me more pictures if possible, I'd really appreciate seeing what's going on in all of your lives! I can't wait to tell you more about what we do, this week was kind of hard because all I can really remember other than pdays is just service. We've done so much service this past week...

I love y'all and I'm actually writing a sister from the MTC right now :P her name is sister Conrad and she's the sister that I gave the blessing to if you remember that. I hope that you all are safe and that y'all are being blessed for my service! Haha, I miss you all so much and I'll send y'all some pictures of my best friend since the MTC. He has been such an amazing influence on me in my mission and I've grown to love him so much, it's elder smith xD.

The elder in the background is elder Vance, he is super nice and is extremely funny. We're going to go play soccer with them and another elder I really got to know well, his name is elder britch. I think is what it's called. I'll have to look at his name tag again. But he is super nice and we played soccer with each other. He is a Spanish elder. I'll let y'all know a lot more next week.

I love you all so much and dad yes I did get the package from brother spindle tell him I said thank you. And sorry I can't message you now I don't have enough time today was super busy but I'll write emails thru out the week to send to you I love you all and all of your emails.

Have a super week and be safe! Love y'all!

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