Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Buddies Oct 19

I got another companion and he is Elder Ivory. He is super awesome! It has been loads of fun with him around but at first he was not excited to be in a trio and he was stuck in the back of the car for so long and he just started going crazy! He was joking around and it was super funny. It was 8 o clock and elder ivory looks to me and just says, "let's go bowling and call the young women in your ward! Oh wait we can't our district leader is here..." And we had a good laugh but he mainly does stuff like that to try to get my trainer to laugh or just get super uncomfortable because he always tries to hold in a smile. He tries to be super mature to the point where smiling isn't allowed... It's nuts! But I still love elder Romero regardless if he decides to smile or not haha! We are also all in the same apartment. 

So this week we got to know this awesome couple named Evan and Victoria. They have a son named Kaisen who is normally shy around guys but he just opened up to me and we're best buddies now! So Evan and Victoria are thinking we are celestial beings or something haha! I really am excited to teach them more and we think they could be ready for baptism.

I hope that Sam is doing well now that you're back! Sorry it took so long to email we were playing ultimate frisbee and tennis and ping pong!

I love you all and I hope you have a great day!

Love Elder Salter

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