Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bible Week Oct 12


This week was pretty interesting. One thing that has been frustrating
is that we don't have a lot of solid investigators. We are working on
finding people but it is pretty hard to find people that just want to
talk. We found one family that is pretty young. Their names are Evan
and Victoria. They have a son named Kaisen. They are super nice and
fun to talk to. They are extremely open to hearing about what we
believe and learning more. It's really funny because they asked us
what our first names were and so I am having them guess for the next
few visits. The husband and wife both thought my name was Derrick
haha! But they're excited to meet with us next Sunday and so are we!

We also had the chance of meeting a man named Brandon. He is a super
nice guy but he likes to tell us every sin that he has done, which is
kind of frustrating. But he saw us riding our bikes and he called us
over and told my companion and I that we need to come over and teach
him so that he can have that faith aspect in his life. So we are
having a very interesting dinner combo on Friday that consists of
pizza and French toast. He is really excited to learn, we just need to
have him stop confessing everything to us.

Another amazing experience that I had was, a family we met only wanted
to learn out of the bible until they need the Book of Mormon. So our
next lesson with them we are going to focus on the use of the Book of
Mormon and why we need to teach through it. However, we taught the
restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the bible and
scriptures that I found and matched up to our lesson in the bible. It
was so amazing! Even though the bible is good and has a lot of truth,
it is missing the mark insanely without he Book of Mormon. Even so,
after I had taught the restoration with the bible, I was so confused
to how many people, who are scholars in the bible, skip over so many
of these key points. Even with the plan of salvation. In Corinthians
12 it talks about the kingdoms of glory. What we teach is directly out
of the bible and people still miss all of this information. One thing
that would really help is a scripture, not only in the Book of Mormon,
that talks about God having a body of flesh and bone. That is one
thing that is a bit harder to teach when I can only find scriptures
that says they're separate.

Something that has been awesome has been that since I learned to teach
the restoration through the bible, my companion and I have gotten
loads of dinner appointments because others want to learn the
restoration through the bible as well! It really builds my testimony
of everything that I believe.

I have never really understood the bible completely and it was really
hard so I had really just focused more on the Book of Mormon. When I
was teaching the restoration through the bible it really solidified my
testimony in the Book of Mormon and that the church of Jesus Christ
really is the lords kingdom on earth!

A verse that I have been ponderizing has been alma 38:5 it reads, "and
now my son, shiblon, I would that he should remember, that as much as
ye shall put your trust in God, ye shall be delivered out of your
trials, and your troubles, and your afflictions, and he shall be
lifted up at the last day." I like to modify it and reread it as, "and
now my son, Elder Salter, I would that he should remember, that as
much as ye shall put your trust in me [God], ye shall be delivered out
of your trials, and your troubles, and your afflictions, and he shall
be lifted up at the last day." This verse gives me such great comfort
because if we trust in our father in heaven he will not let us fall.
If we follow Jesus Christ's example, then we show we trust our father,
and we will be delivered out of any hardship we endure. I love those
scriptures because it means that I can promise so much more blessings
for those who are investigating the church. That is really my favorite
scripture that I have read this past week. I can't wait to learn even
more though with the bible and with the Book of Mormon and how they
really are intertwined just as all of the apostles tell us and that we
tell others. I can build my testimony on those teachings and really
share them with others. I'll send a few pictures of some scriptures
that prove that the LDS church is the lords kingdom established on the

What were your favorite conference talks? I had a couple. I liked
Devin G Durrant and his talk on ponderizing. I also loved David A
Bednar's talk on obedience and forgiveness. And last but definitely
not least, I loved Larry R Lawrence's talk about "what is keeping me
from progressing?" These talks really stood out to me! What did you
think of conference?

I love the Book of Mormon and how much we are able to learn from it. I
also really have grown to love the bible and its teachings. I was
discussing the bible with some of my new friends in the ward and
recent converts and reactivated members and we talked a lot about how
the teachings of the bible are nearly exactly the same as the bible. I
know that the teachings are true and every lesson my testimony is
strengthened especially when others try to teach us their
interpretation of the gospel. I can never feel the spirit when they
are "teaching" us like I can when I bear my testimony. It really
solidifies my testimony of my beliefs. Also I'm going to be sending a
tithing slip and money to pay tithing since I found more money on a
card then I had thought I made.

I love you all so much and I can't wait to hear your stories of the
week! If you haven't yet you should look up these scriptures that I'm
going to send you all in this picture! It's amazing to see the points
of the true church from the bible! It really is amazing to include the
bible in teachings of the Book of Mormon because you see everything
really just lines up perfectly and it is so amazing! I love you all
and encourage you to read the scriptures in the following picture!

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