Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 7

Hey family,

So to answer some questions, I tried a lot of food. I still won't try stuffing though. Haha I don't think that's something that I'll like. But I loved hearing dads story about his thanksgiving on a mission. I thought that was really Funny! I ate a lot of food at this families reunion and we played tons of games. Then we went to another families house to try some food and I was so full... The following Saturday was elder fadely's birthday. We went back over to the 2nd families house and they made us shepherds pie. I decided I don't like shepherds pie. That's something I can't do yet.

The weather is up and down here. It is in the 40's one day and then it's back up to 70 the next. I've learned to bring a jacket wherever I go. We met an awesome family this week that is super excited to learn more. When we taught them from the bible and the Book of Mormon, one thing he told us was that, he knows that we don't have our own bible like everyone says. We just have additional scripture. He's excited to learn more and we made another appointment with him. Then we sat down later that same week with him and his wife and we taught them a lot about the plan of salvation and we are going to go over the restoration next time we meet them.

I was thinking about going caroling this winter as well! It doesn't seem like Christmas a lot of days. Because of the temperature fluctuations. But I love seein everyone's decorations. One thing I hate about this area is that I can't say something anymore! It always comes out as either sumpthin or sumpin I feel so much like a hic! It's ridiculous. I met a ton of awesome members this week! I met a family that next week invited us over for pday to play pool with them and talk. They are so much fun to talk to! I also met brother grant a while ago. But he is the funniest man I know! He kind of reminds me of grandpa wells a little bit, but he is more of a teenager in a 60 year old body it is super funny! I also got to talk with the O'Bara's which is one of my favorite families as well. They are super awesome and funny. They're really nice and understanding if we are having a really bad day. Some of those tough days it's nice to go see members and they are a family that help relieve stress. I love the Christmas card and I hope others appreciate it as well!

We haven't had our Christmas party yet. It is this week on Thursday. I can't wait for it! It's going to be so awesome! It supposedly lasts all day and we can challenge president Craig to anything like an arm wrestle or handstand push-ups or push-ups or whatever (he owns four gyms so...) but I'm going to be the first elder to beat him in something! No other elder has beat him yet.

Also as far as helping out families and stuff, it is in the white handbook to not ask your parents to sponsor anyone or anything in my area. I'm not sure about Christmas. I'll ask my mission president and get back to you as best as I can. For Christmas I'm not really sure what I want. I'll have to think about that more as well.

I love you all so much. I'm doing all I can to be right with God and "stand blameless before God at the last day." Stay safe and keep me updated. I love you all so much! Merry Christmas 

Elder Salter

The Salt Shaker

Thanksgiving in Waycross

Hey mom, dad!
So thanks giving was awesome! Turkey is okay, ham is okay, I like pork better, I think. When I see meat right now i just think it's meat. I don't think, oh that's chicken, or that's something else. It's just I think it's meat. And I ate potatoes yes, they're pretty good. One thing I don't like is shepherds pie. That made me almost throw up though. We also played a game called kuub or Viking chess. It's super fun. Best way to describe it is like wooden horseshoes but mixed with Corn hole. It is a lot of fun though! There was so much dessert. Holy cow. I feel so huge... After lunch and dinner I had such a tough time trying to stay awake...
We got a referral from someone who's grandson said they wanted to be baptized. So after elder fadely and I ran around screaming and jumping around he told me, "there's always a catch, it's never this easy." So we left to go teach this kid who is about 10.
So we are teaching this kid who wants to get baptized, he has a 20 year old sister and we are teaching them both. In the middle of he lesson his girl gets up and moves over to a bed that is next to the couch that I'm sitting on and she starts typing things into her phone. So I look at her and she shows me her phone, I think it's like a joke or something. I look at what it is and it's a message that reads, "ur cute." Now I'm like, oh crap what do I say? I didn't think this was possible on a mission.... I'm a missionary and I'm not gonna provoke more of this conduct. I am a man of God, a representative of Jesus Christ. So I end up just saying, "thank you." ... She goes and sits back over next to her brother and holds her hand up to her ear and makes the phone sign and asks, "can I get your number?" My companions face just turned soooooo freaking red. And I don't know what to say. I don't want to say yes, because I don't have a phone and I'm a missionary and I'm not supposed to date or anything on a mission. Like making the wrong choices could get me excommunicated! :o but at the same time I can't just shoot her down, because if I do that then she won't want to talk anymore. And she is a less active member of the church and so I have to visit her more. So I just say, "we will talk about it later."
So we get through the lesson and while we are leaving she hands me a note with her name, Number, and a message. The message read, "we can be friends first and see what happens." I was so dumbfounded... I didn't know what to do! You'd be surprised with how much this happens. I think something happens when you're a missionary. These other girls like the first week were trying to set me up with their friend who is serving in Las Vegas and tried to give me her email, but every hint went right over my head. I'm gonna be so out of the game when I get home...
After we left my companion said, "there's the catch." The problem is, I can't just flat out reject her because she is a less active and I have to still go and teach her. So it's frustrating! But I don't want to lead her on either. I think I'm just going to say for these two years I'm a missionary and it's against the rules.
I loved the music haha! Thanks so much I was actually singing Billy gilman like two weeks ago. You should send me pictures of the sheet music I had in the music folder of the songs by him! That would be awesome, if you can't find it that's okay. I'll keep you updated with everything and I'll try to take more pictures of my area this week to send them to you next pday. I might try to send home a few gifts for some people. There gonna be small but just some fun stuff hopefully you all will like.
I hope you all have an awesome week and I can't wait for Christmas! I am definitely going to miss you all but I've heard all the elders love the Christmas parties! They are supposed to be super fun! I'll try to find some fun little gifts to give to y'all!
I'll keep you updated with everything here like you've done there! This week was pretty slow but next week should be a lot more jam packed hopefully. Have an awesome week I love you all so much!
Elder salter
The Salt Shaker

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