Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Spending Time

This week has been pretty awesome! I love going out and helping anyone we can! I've  met so many new and amazing people. I miss you guys a lot but my home sickness has gotten a lot better! So unfortunately we had to pushback a baptismal date for both of our investigators getting baptized. For one named Chris turner, we need to explain more to him and he has a job where we can't get ahold of him very well anymore. We need to find a way to get him to church one more time so that we can get him baptized. Then for our second one named Daquan Williams, we're moving his baptismal date to the 26th of September because we just finished fasting so that he could get a job that would allow him to go to church on Sunday's. He is so strong in faith though it is amazing. He has been having a lot of discouragement from his family to join the church so I showed him the Mormon message, "the refiners fire" and it talks about how the more trials and tribulations we have, the more capacity we have to feel joy!
During our bike day (I like these days the best, they feel the most productive, and they go by faster) I had a goal to hand out all of cards I was handing them out and I had 2 left, so I went to these 2 men in a cross walk, one of them just looked at me and said, "why do you waste your time with this?" I told him I was in a hurry but I'd love to sit down sometime and explain why I SPEND my time doing this. As I was biking to my next appointment I handed out all of my cards and I kept pondering the question, "why do you waste your time doing this" they were the first people to decline a short message about how God loves them. It made me sad that satan has such a grip on some people that they think that missionaries helping people is a waste of time. I continued to ponder on the subject of time.
Time is the most precious resource that God gives us. He gives us so many years to find out what church is true and how we can make it back to live with him again. I continued to think that we don't ever waste our time. We always spend our time. No matter what it is. We pay for life in time. It's possible to waste a payment such as spending time doing less important things. That would be a waste, but you're never wasting time. I am simply spending my time wisely and giving thanks to my father in heaven for the time he has given me so far.
Later that evening we made it to our appointments house and his name is Travis. He is a very nice man and was a missionary for 7 years through out the world. He had heard about Mormons but had never had an experience with them. He had so many questions for us. It was great. He has such an understanding of our religion but we didn't get to really teach him any lesson but we got to talk to him a lot about faith and our beliefs and his are very similar. So we are going to get to talk to him again about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Tonight we have family home evening! I can't wait haha. All of the missionaries get together along with investigators and new converts or newer people in the ward and we go to the mission leaders house and have a big family home evening. My ward mission leader is brother Christopher. If you can imagine Mary from lord of the rings with short hair then that is wars mission leader. He is so awesome! Thanks for the stories of masen and of what has been going on at home. I really love reading all of your letters!
I love sams testimony! "If I pray, the next day I have is good. If I don't, the next day is bad. I know this church is true!" Sam is such a good example of finding the simple miracles in life and that is how we all need to be. That is what it means to be child like. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. A child always has questions. If we don't ask questions how will the lord guide us? Joseph smith asked a simple question and didn't believe that God was done answering man. He had the first question for God in over a thousand years. We need to have questions so we can ask our Heavenly Father. We also need to be willing to ask the question more then once. It strengthens our testimony. When a child gets, "because" as an answer all they are going to do is ask why over and over. They want that understanding just like we do! 
I love y'all so much (I picked up on that so much faster than I thought I would) I can't wait to talk to you again and I hope you know how much I love and miss you! I can't wait to tell you more stories! Try to become child like and you will see the blessings.
Also my address is 
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I love each and every one of you! Be safe and smart!

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