Monday, September 7, 2015

1 Month!!!

We had a zone pday today and it was so much fun. We played kickball basketball volleyball and ping pong all day. We played tennis this morning and tomorrow morning we are gonna play with the ysa elders and were gonna play tennis for exercise.

It's awesome, I've tried 5 new foods this week. Rice, is pretty good. This interesting pasta that my companion made is odd but I'll eat it, I tried a new type of salad, two actually, and I tried chicken. It doesn't really taste like anything it's just warm and odd with a texture.

We had dinner at bishops house last night and we were with the ap's and sisters and with 8 of their kids and we played football in their backyard... On the way home we remembered it was Sunday. We had a little bit of repenting to do haha. But their food was so good... We ate so much and had to fast until 6!!! It was ridiculous. I picked up a pull up bar because my companions workouts are pretty lame :P they don't work me out and I feel like I'm gaining fat weight. I've gained 10+ pounds since I've gotten here. I'm like 140 now. I'm kind of glad but it's odd at the same time. We got this huge algorithm of how to gain or lose weight. I love all of the stuff in the package you sent me thank you all so much! I love the iPad cover, my kendama, the album, and all of the food!

I am having an awesome time with my companions. I have two now because one companion had a companion who went home because he was bi polar and depressed. His mom died before he came out and was being forced to go on a mission. But I'm super glad to have another companion who I get a long with so well! I miss mountains so much though! Send me pictures of mountains and your activities up there and I'll send you a lot of pictures of trees and forests. That is another thing I miss so much! I love mountains. I never thought I'd miss them so much I love them! I'll show you a picture of my zone leader and my companion as well.

I invited someone to baptism yesterday and they said yes if they find out the Book of Mormon is true. We talk so much about using the Book of Mormon to teach because that is how God talks to us specifically. We need to utilize the Book of Mormon so that the spirits power may be magnified both through us and through the Book of Mormon.

I love you all so much and hope you are having a blast in Brian head! Have an awesome day!

Elder Spencer David Salter

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