Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Transfers are Hard


The lady was the same one who I ate with the first time I was here. She is really nice! Sorry for not getting you a good letter last week we have been really busy! I'll be sure to send some pictures. That's so awesome that Ali is being recognized for everything she's working for! I've been showing everyone all of her drawings! They love them so much!

So this week is frustrating because we had so much going on and we are doing so well with all of our investigators and I really have been getting to know and love his area and all of the people in it, and I'm being transferred to waycross, Georgia.

My trainer (elder romero) is being transferred also! And it's super ridiculous... Because the new elders are white washing our area and it's so dumb! Agh I just wish I had one more transfer to say goodbye to people and help them with their conversion. I'm positive that this area could have  5 baptisms this transfer! It frustrates me so much! I've found so many ponderize scriptures it's nuts!

I'm glad that you all are doing so well! I hope everything is going well with schooling and all other activities! Please pray for me to enjoy this area haha! I've heard awesome things about Georgia but I'm still super nervous. Thanks Sam for helping me like eggs! I'm having trouble finding ways to like them. At dinner I've been eating a lot more. Just the other night we went to a bbq place and I ate a pulled chicken sandwich. And I decided I don't like hamburgers. Beef is just gross. Unless it's like a roast or something. I'm still getting used to flavors of meat and it's super odd. 

I learned an awesome lesson about the plan of salvation and really everything we have is to give us joy. Our message to people should always help them increase their joy. Remember the Book of Mormon is there to help us on our path to find joy. Every time we share something we know that will help someone, it should be to increase their joy. I love you all so much and I'll try to get those letters and packages mailed to you all soon. I love those boots and Ali you look so good! That's awesome! I can't believe that you're done with braces! I can't believe that you're already looking so different!

Tell nick I said hi, I'm trying to write him but there are so many things going on! I still can't believe he is home! That's so awesome! I love you all and I'll get my new address to you next Monday! Love you all!

Love elder salter

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